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Wedi board is an extremely strong, yet shapable, waterproof backer board ready for tile installation

The wedi building board is so much more than just a building material. It combines a number of impressive properties in one product.

  • Moisture-protection
  • Heat insulation
  • Supporting material for tiles and other coverings.
  • Shapable, in the hands of a skilled tradesman, it is also an extraordinary design medium whose shapes and applications appear to know no borders. The strengths of the wedi building board are particularly evident in renovation projects.
  • It is available in different thicknesses and has become a genuine all-rounder because it is so flexible and easy to process.
  • Whether it is being used as a carrier material on a wall, to clad old substructures and pipes, as a substructure system on the floor, or used to create bathroom furniture, for example, each shape, however sophisticated it is, can be produced individually with wedi building boards.
  • Moreover, the unique surface structure of wedi building boards forms an ideal adhesive substrate on which to apply plaster, tile adhesive or other materials.




















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