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Custom Cabinetry and Cabinet Refacing


Ask to see samples or meet me in Georgetown to see bamboo display cabinets.


  White Cabinets above are Solid maple Rails, Stiles, and Panel.  Flat Panel (RC 2 1/4), Outside profile is E4, Inside Profile is C-SC, Center Panel is P1 (P1 appears flat from the front, but is 1/2" solid wood panel in the center of the door, making it heavier and stronger than a standard cabinet door).  See door style links below for options.


White cabinetry can be mixed with almost any other style of Cabinets.  In the picture shown above, the white painted cabinets compliment the bamboo nicely.   Painted cabinets are available in any color that Sherman Williams offers.      

Jim's Custom Tile and Cabinetry offers a wide variety of cabinetry options to the Seattle neighborhoods.


Refacing can make an old kitchen appear brand new.  A lot of houses in the Seattle area have older cabinets from the 1920's through the 1960's.  The older generations of builders seemed to build the entire house themselves, including the cabinetry.  These "built in place" cabinets are ideal for refacing.  They often times have good quality boxes. Typically birch plywood,  with out dated doors and face frames.  A little creativity can save most of the older cabinetry from the landfill.  We can cut cabinetry in place to allow for modern appliances, apron front sinks, and build new sections to match if simple modifications will not work.  We can usually get you soft close undermount glides with dovetail drawer boxes into an old kitchen.  Garbage pull outs can also be retrofitted fairly easily.


Door style links below 













Cabinets available in any species of wood, or Sherman Williams Paint color


Veneer Cabinets

Veneer is an environmentally responsible way to build cabinets. Veneer cutters can cut a single log into hundreds of square feet of cabinet parts. It makes a thinslice of wood feel like a solid piece (when you glue it to a plywood core), and you can use veneer to make a full kitchen full of cabinets all have the same grain (because the entire kitchen is easilly cut from the same log). Click here to see where my customer got the inspiration for the American Walnut cabinets.


I will bring out veneer sample books upon request

Plain Sawn American Walnut Veneer Top with dovetail drawer boxes, Crotch Mahogany Veneer bottom left, and Rift Sawn Oak bottom right(still in process of being built).



Environmentally Responsible choices

Environmentally responsible choices for remodeling


The picure below is of how thin veneer cutters can cut logs these days. As I am sure you can imagine, you can make a lot of cabinet doors with a single log these days. You can use anenvironmenally friendly plywood core made with alder and birch (grown locally, and grows quickly

in cold and moist conditions) and face it with veneer from any species of tree that you like. This is a great way to build your cabinets. I have veneer sample books that I can deliver upon request.

Bamboo is another sustainable way to build cabinets because of how fast bamboo grows.

  • www.bamboohardwoods.com Glass tiles below are from recycled bottles. You can find a wide selection of them on www.hakatai.com.
  • Ecohaus has a wood finish called Osmo that is all natural  (and is actually a good product) www.ecohaus.com.I have many more ideas about saving energy and using products that are sustainably grown and harvested.





Painted Cabinets

We can paint cabinets in any color Sherman Williams offers

Sometimes the best thing to do is simple, clean, and white. No one will look at this kitchen 20 years from now, and say "what were they thinking". This is an example of a traditional kitchen with inset doors. You can achieve a very similar look with traditional painted cabinets without doing inset (this cuts the price down substantially).



Cost Saving Tips

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